Simple Way To Find Keywords That Bring Maximum Traffic

All in SEO (AIOSEO) is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress sites. It is a great alternative to Rank Math & Yoast.

Moreover, MonsterInsights is a great Google analytics plugin that shows your traffic report directly on your admin dashboard.

MonsterInsights Integration With AIOSEO

Find keyword that drives traffic

In a recent update, MonsterInsights has added an integration with the All in One SEO plugin. So what does it mean?

It means that the focus keyphrase and TruSEO scores can be added to MonsterInsights’ supported custom dimensions, so that you can see how they correlate with your traffic in Google Analytics.

What is Focus Keyphrase?

When you enter a Focus Keyphrase in a post or page, the plugin checks the content on that post or page and provides you with improvements your content to be more relevant to your focus keyphrase.

What is TruSEO score?

All in One SEO displays a score out of 100 which gives you an overview of how well each page or post on your website is optimized. The score combines your Page Analysis score and the score for your Focus Keyphrase.

You can read more about TruSEO score here.

What are Custom Dimensions?

Custom dimensions are just like default dimensions, except you create them yourself. They’re greatly helpful to collect and analyze data that matter to your website, which Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track.

You can read more about custom dimensions here.

What are the benefits of this new update?

MonsterInsights custom dimensions

Using this new feature, you can add AIOSEO focus keyphrase and TruSEO scores to your Google Analytics data. Then, you’ll be able to see Analytics data broken down by both of these dimensions.

This will let you know the keywords that are driving maximum traffic, which optimized posts are bringing how much traffic, and if more optimization can improve your posts or pages.

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