MilesWeb Review: Budget-Friendly Dedicated Hosting

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Any person creates a website for certain purposes. The purpose could be to share their stories, start blogging or sell products. 

We generally start from shared hosting and climb staircases (better servers) as we grow. 

When you want to reach the top of the floor, you start from the first step. When you succeed, you climb the second step. If you don’t climb the second and keep standing on the first, you can’t reach the top of the floor.

It goes the same way for hosting services. When you begin with shared hosting, you aim to reach audiences who enjoy your services or content. 

As people begin to notice your products or blogs, they frequently start to browse. Then you reach more people and make more sales. With time, you begin to see your business has reached a level where heavy traffic management is the issue.

Then you switch to a VPS server. You get all resources dedicated to you. You enjoy the benefits of better privacy than a shared hosting server. Although you share the server machine with others, you own complete control over resources. 

But, growth is not one time. Success is when you keep climbing the stairs until you reach the top. Your website needs a better hosting server in terms of performance and speed. Now it is receiving heavier traffic, may face downtime issues, or may respond slower. Due to this, you can lose good visitors who may contribute to more sales and success. 

That means you must switch to a dedicated server in order to enjoy unbeatable server performance. Your website will be up all time and won’t disappoint your precious visitors.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is an advanced hosting service that helps you improve the ranking and other factors of your website. 

The dedicated hosting service allows you full control over the server and its resources. Here you don’t share the physical server machine with any other user. You are the sole owner of it, and you can make the best use of it. 

Since you don’t share any of the server resources, the productivity gets better. 

Your website needs a lot of work when it grows and receives heavy traffic. You cannot risk downtimes during sales or occasions. There are security risks as well. Sometimes due to other users’ traffic, your traffic will also be affected.

It is the reason why shared hosting becomes obsolete. It is crucial to opt for complete privacy to provide a safe and secure space to your visitors. Plus, it is like a step towards your targeted growth.

Which Is The Best Dedicated Server Provider?

Several companies provide dedicated hosting services. Our top recommendation goes to MilesWeb.

MilesWeb is one of the best dedicated hosting providers. Especially, if you are looking for budget-friendly dedicated plans, MilesWeb is a perfect choice.

The company is widely known for its low-cost, quality hosting services. I can assure you that you won’t regret it a bit if you opt for a MilesWeb – The best & cheap dedicated server in India.

The host offers more than ten dedicated hosting plans, each plan with great specifications. You can select one dedicated hosting plan as per your requirements.

What Is The Benefit of Purchasing with MilesWeb?

There are several benefits to purchasing with MilesWeb.

#1 benefit is to get a dedicated server at a budget-friendly price. A dedicated server is usually expensive. However, MilesWeb makes it easier for everyone to access dedicated servers at a low cost.

More benefits are as follow –

SSH Root Access – You get full SSH root access with a Linux dedicated server. Enjoy total control to install heavy web applications on your server.

As you have control over the entire server, you can monitor web activities whenever required. Plus, configure and customize as you want.

High Security – MilesWeb dedicated servers offer high security. There will be less to no risk of threats as the server is completely isolated.

High Performance Guaranteed – Get guaranteed performance with dedicated servers. Your website will load faster than before and will lead to heavier traffic.

Your users will not face any disappointments with the website. You can be assured that no other users’ website traffic will affect yours.

Service Level Agreement – MilesWeb pledges to offer 99.99% uptime to its users. 99.99% uptime is the highest in the hosting industry. Your website will be available for browsing at all hours.

Host Unlimited Websites – If you have multiple websites, you can host them on your server. You can also move all your shared or VPS server websites to a dedicated server.

Premium Bandwidth – MilesWeb provides 100 Mb/s to 1 GBPS bandwidth with their bare metal server.

They also offers one of the cheap reseller hosting service, In case you want to start your own hosting business then MilesWeb is good choice. 

Does MilesWeb Also Provide a Control Panel?

Yes, you can get control panel options like Plesk and cPanel with all dedicated hosting servers.

How Do I Get Started?

Select any one plan of your choice, and MilesWeb will set up your account immediately. If you want a customized plan with certain requirements not available on the website, you can contact the sales team. The sales team will create a customized dedicated hosting plan for you.

Wrap Up – 

MilesWeb is a great investment in terms of hosting services. You can get quality dedicated server services at lower prices.

Growth is essential, and so is switching to a better server. A dedicated server can enhance the performance of the website and save it from many threats.

Your traffic will never be affected by any other users’ traffic. Additionally, you will have a secured website with an SSL certificate provided by MilesWeb for free. The service level agreement will take care of the availability of your website with a 99.99% uptime.

If you still doubt the provider, I doubt your choice.

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