Top 10 Online Course Platforms To Learn Online (2021)

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Learning never stops. First, you learn, then you earn. Hence, learning is important.

Internet users have increased. Many people are now learning many things online. Almost all things can now be learned online.

YouTube is one of the top social media platforms used by millions of users. There are many videos that help you to learn coding or any other skills.

Online courses are booming now. They provide valuable content, certificate of completion which is helpful on your resume. Many people are now enrolling in online courses.

Top 10 Online Course Platforms

Online courses platforms

As of now, there are 100s of websites or platforms that provide online courses with certificate. It seems difficult to choose a single platform for any course.

Hence, here are the top 10 online course platforms where you can enroll & learn purely online. Some of them are free & some are paid. Let’s get to them.

1. Udemy

Udemy - online course platforms

Udemy is the best platform for online courses. It has a vast number of courses in all categories. With over 1,50,000 courses, you can learn anything on Udemy.

The normal price of a course is around ₹700-₹800 (~$10). While this price is usual, it may go down to around ₹400 for some days or special events. The courses are quite affordable.

You will get to see courses of all the categories such as programming languages, finance, designing, lifestyle, photography, health & fitness, teaching, music, and others.

It also has some free courses which are quite good. The downside of free courses is you don’t get a certificate of completion while paid courses offer the same.

2. Coursera

Coursera - online course platforms

One of the top online platform to enroll in specialized courses offered by top universities & companies across the world. It has over 5000 courses to enroll in.

Some of the courses are free on Coursera. You need to pay for some courses & certificates of completion. For now, it is providing almost all the courses for free to college students.

Coursera has courses for programming, marketing, IT, engineering & other fields. Some of the popular courses include AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, etc.

Certificates provided by Coursera are from top universities and can be of much help you. It can be considered for a job & you can add them to your resume too.

3. Udacity

Udacity - online course platforms

Udacity offers numerous programs (courses) to enroll. There are over 200 programs available as of now which offers experienced educators. It offers both paid & free programs.

Udacity is quite expensive but also has some free courses (around 180 courses). The average price of paid programs is around ₹22,800/month (~$400). You can pre-pay for 3-4 months to reduce the cost.

Some of the top programs include AI, Deep Learning, Android & Web Development, Digital Marketing, etc. Most of the programs are tech-related. You can enroll in one of them & get started.

Udacity offers a lot of services with its programs such as real-world projects, mentor support, personal career coaching, interview preparation, etc. I think that’s why they are quite expensive.

4. SkillShare

Skillshare - online course platforms

SkillShare is another great platform to learn new things at an affordable cost. It offers over 25,000 courses (classes) taught by experienced teachers. It also has some good free courses.

The pricing is quite affordable as the courses are great. You have to pay $8.73 (~₹650)/month to get access to all the courses. You will also get a discount if you buy the yearly plan.

SkillShare has many courses related to animation, writing, designing, web development, marketing, lifestyle, freelancing, photography, etc. You get access to all these courses.

The downside of SkillShare is that you don’t get a certificate for completing a course. You can share your class project to show that you have completed the class.

5. LinkedIn Learning

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda) provides over 16,000 courses taught by experts. Once you are a member, you can enroll in any of the course & learn.

LinkedIn Learning offers a 1-month free trial. After the trial, you will have to pay ₹1400/month (~$30), or ₹900/month for annual plan i.e, ₹10,800/year. You get access to all the courses.

You get courses on all the categories including cloud computing, programming languages, designing, business, management, photography, animation & other industries.

It provides you with a certificate of completion too. These certificates can be added to your LinkedIn profile or CV. It also has other features such as quizzes, projects, etc.

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6. SkillzCafe

Skillzcafe - online course platforms

SkillzCafe is an online learning platform providing over 120 good courses to enroll. They have both free as well as paid courses are affordable too.

You can find courses starting from ₹400 & getting up to ₹5000. There are a lot of free courses available too. The majority of the courses are priced at around ₹500.

SkillzCafe has many courses related to web development, blogging, marketing, business & finance, designing, personal development, lifestyle, etc.

The best thing is that you will get a certificate of completion for both paid & free courses. The downside is that they don’t have an app. You will have to watch videos on their website.

7. Alison

Alison - online course platforms

Alison is one of the top & best online platform that provides over 1500 free courses. They also provide digital, printed, or framed certificates.

While you get all the courses for free, you need to pay to get a certificate. You can see the certificate pricing in the image below. You can also buy a premium plan at €7.99/month to remove all ads & certificate discounts.

There are a lot of courses from different categories like IT, programming, business, health, humanities, marketing, life science, finance, etc.

You can also refer 3 friends to get a free certificate. Your friends should complete a course for you to get a free certificate. You can get a diploma for free if you refer to 25 friends.

8. edX

Edx - online course platforms

edX is one of the top online courses platforms that provides over 2000 courses. These courses are offered by top universities such as MIT, Harvard University, etc.

While most of the courses are free, some programs are paid & you have to pay to enroll in them & get a certificate. Programs have some modules (courses) in which you can enroll for free but for the whole program, you have to pay.

You can find numerous courses & programs in categories like computer science, business, electronics, design, health, language, law, music, architecture, etc.

The downside is that you can learn courses for free but have to pay to get a certificate. If you are enrolling in a program, you will get a certificate for free.

9. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy offers over 100 courses led by experts with a certificate of completion. It has just one plan for students to access all their courses.

The pricing of Shaw Academy is quite affordable. You get 4 weeks free trial to enroll in courses. After that, you will have to pay ₹600/month to access all the courses.

Shaw Academy offers many courses related to programming, photography, finance, business, beauty, music, designing, marketing, etc.

While you can access all the courses if you are a paid member, still you will have to pay to get a certificate of completion. You will not get in for free.

10. Eduonix

Eduonix - online course platforms

Eduonix offers over 300 courses both paid & free. It is one of the best Online courses platforms in India to enroll in different courses at an affordable cost.

You can get some courses for free. Most of the courses are priced from ₹300-₹500. They are quite affordable. You can also buy a lifetime membership for ₹45,000 (price may change) that includes all the courses & e-degrees.

You will get to find affordable courses from all categories like software development, marketing, office productivity, business, lifestyle, finance, etc.

You will get a certificate of completion for all the paid & free courses. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, they don’t have an app.


That’s it! These were the top online course platforms for you to learn online. I recommend Udemy as it covers all the industries that too at an affordable cost.

It is best to enroll in online courses as you can learn anytime, anywhere according to your convenience. All you require is a mobile/laptop & internet connection.

Good Luck!


Which is the best online courses platform?

The best Online courses platform is Udemy. Because it offers many courses from all the categories at an affordable cost.

Where can I get free courses?

You can get some free courses on all the platforms mentioned in this post. You can search for free online courses on Google.

What is the use of a certificate of completion?

You can use certificates on your CV, LinkedIn profile to let people know that you have completed a course. It helps you to get a job.

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