17+ Static Website Ideas To Make Money Easily in 2021

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Are you searching for website ideas that require less work & more profit? Then, your search ends here. Here are some static website ideas.

Creating websites is one of the leading ways to make money online. There are numerous ways to monetize a website & make money through it.

Most of the websites are blogs that write articles on a specific topic everyday & some are just one-page websites. These are static websites a.k.a. single-page or one-page websites.

There are many static websites on the internet providing different services that are useful & drive a lot of traffic.

Creating a static website is a simple & one-time effort. You don’t have to work on it every day.

The top way to monetize static websites is ads. Some of the best ad networks include Adsense, Media.net, BuySellAds, etc.

These type of websites gets a lot of traffic which is difficult to handle for shared web hosting. Hence, you should buy a VPS or Dedicated hosting to handle the traffic.

Static Website Ideas

static website ideas

Coming up with a static website idea is quite difficult for some people. To get you started, I have come up with some static website ideas for you to create your website & make money.

1. Age Calculator

A simple website to input the date of birth & get age as output. Age in days, months, minutes can also be added.

2. Simple Arithmetic Calculator

A simple calculator performing addition, subtraction, etc. A percentage calculator can be added.

3. Date & Time Zones

Website to convert the time of different countries and to display the date and time of different countries.

4. Maths Equations Solver

To solve linear, quadratic, cubic equations. Integration, differentiation can also be added.

5. Text Font Converter

Website letting users input text and convert it into different fonts to copy and paste anywhere.

6. File Converters

Online file converter & editors like PDF, DOC, JPG, watermarking, cropping, etc.

7. Online Games

Website to play online HTML5 games like snake, tic-tac-toe, or more interactive games.

8. Google Fonts

Website to display all the google fonts & their names. A text converter can also be added.

9. Color Palette

A simple website that displays different color pads, gradient colors and their hex codes to copy.

10. Code Converter

To covert different computer codes like binary, decimal, hex, ASCII, etc. You can also add an addition, subtraction of these codes.

11. File Compressors

Website to compress different file formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, etc, or ZIP, RAR compressed file creator.

12. Video Downloader

Website to download videos in any quality from online platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

13. Translator

Just like google translator, you can create a website that translates input text into different languages. You can offer an extra feature like grammar checking.

14. Image To Text

Website to extract written material from image a.k.a OCR. A simple image to text converter.

15. QR Code Generator

Create a website to input text, phone number, Wi-Fi, URL & convert it to QR Code. Barcode generators can also be developed along with QR Code.

16. Password Generator

Website to create strong passwords. Adding filters like only numbers or alphabets passwords makes the generator more useful.

17. Music Downloader

Website to download only music from Youtube or other social media videos in all quality formats.

18. Notepad

Online notepad to store notes just like Google Keep or Evernote. You can allow users to register & store notes permanently or temporarily like PasteBin.


These were some static website ideas to choose from. Well, these ideas require some knowledge of coding. Major languages required to create these types of websites are HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript.

You can hire a coder to create these websites. Once ranked, making money is simple. No work to do. That’s it!

I recommend you to bookmark this page as I keep adding more ideas hitting my mind. If you have an idea, let us know by commenting below.

Good luck!


What is Static Website?

Static website is also called a Single-page website or One-page website. This website provides a service such as a file download, generator, compressor, etc.

What is an example of a static website?

Some static website examples include age calculator, date and time converter, file converter, video editor, translator, password generator, etc.

What is the difference between static & dynamic website?

A static website is a single-page website that requires only one-time work while a dynamic website is content-based that requires articles, content to be posted.

How much can I earn with Static website?

You can earn a maximum amount of money by doing almost zero work. Once these websites are ranked in search engines, monetizing them allows you to make a large amount of money up to $10,000.

What things are required to create a static website?

Static website creation requires a VPS or dedicated hosting to handle the traffic. To create a service, coding is necessary mainly programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc.

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